Skirting the Issue


A typical outfit for me

You may have noticed that I have avoided addressing the skirt issue in relation to modesty. That’s because I think it has absolutely nothing to do with modesty. I think you could have  a leg to stand on if you wanted to make a case for femininity but that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong I love skirts and dresses and quite honestly prefer them to pants. I probably wear a skirt or dress 90-95% of the time. I also think you can look put together and nice in a skirt/dress that’s just thrown on much easier than any other article of clothing.

In high school I always wore baggy sweatpants or yoga pants because I didn’t like tight things on my legs. I liked skirts/dresses and wore them all day on Sundays because I could but I rarely wore one to school because it was weird…I think with the trends towards maxi’s right now this would not be the case anymore. I only graduated high school 8 (ish) years ago but trends change fast. I did wear jeans in college ( but I only owned 3 pairs I even remotely liked).  My point in this is skirts for me are a much more comfortable option.

For a while I did feel God pulling on my heart to wear skirts only. It was during that time that I really felt a drawing into God’s word and studying what he had to say about a lot of hard topics. He used skirts wearing as a catalyst to think about the desires and plans he has for my life. And to encourage me to think about living a life that is pleasing to him and not just to myself.

There are instances where I do wear pants and shorts because a.) it would call too much attention to myself to wear a skirt, and b.) it would be immodest (ie a skirt swimming without proper attire underneath-which I can’t afford). An example of this would be a recent missions trip I took to Nicaragua. I wasn’t sure what activities I would be doing there and new skirts may not be appropriate. (I now know they would be fine for the activities I participated in) and would probably bring them next year. I took all knee-length Bermuda shorts with me. (Anyone else noticed these are making a come back in the stores- YAY for more modest options for woman!).

But, I don’t believe it’s a biblical command. I do, however, think that anyone who decides to go above and beyond to follow a call God has placed in their life should do it. If you, in any way, feel God is calling you to wear skirts/dresses only then you should do it.

There are some great discussions on the skirts issue out there (from both sides) of authors who have done an incredible job of writing out their thoughts and opinions. They have given the issue much more justice than I could ever do and maintained (what I feel) is a very biblical opinion on the matter.

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